Voting in the USA

The Problem

Our system of government in the US is representative, it is a republic. It is called a democratic republic because we turn out every two years to elect representatives who then govern us.

Our system of election - plurality voting/winner take all - ensures a two-party system, but due to corporate financial leverage both parties have come under corporate control. The two have become one, corporate party which yet maintains two media-profiles. Through that single, two-faced, unopposed and unopposable party corporate representatives govern us and perpetuate single-party, corporate rule.

Our government no longer represents ourselves and our human interests but now represents corporations and their financial interests and no alternative is possible as the system stands.

Coping with The Problem

The 2012 election illustrates three main strategies that have evolved to cope with The Problem :

  1. Vote for the least-worst media-profile presented by The Party, hoping to protect ourselves from the worst ravages of the system. Hope for the best.
  2. Vote for an unelectable 3rd, 4th, 5th, ... nth party. Futilely resist.
  3. Don't vote. Accept that resistance is futile.

None of these efforts to cope is satisfactory because none effects our representation in government.

Compounding The Problem

Over the past decade the mechanism of election itself has come into question, with electronic tabulation of votes making possible the manipulation of election results, and with corporate media able to sell 'either' party's “victory” as plausible.

As well, the number of disenfranchised citizen voters has risen and is rising dramatically.

Solving The Problem

Coping is not possible, solving the problem is essential, if we are to regain control of our government.

The longer we procrastinate the more firmly entrenched becomes the corporate government the more difficult is our solution.

Since we have lost all control of the corporate government our solution must come as the result of our direct action apart from government.

Evolving democracy

In rising to solve The Problem of representative government we will necessarily have created a participant citizens' government.

We must then institutionalize our participants' government, make it possible again to fix our representative government the next time it goes bad, and make our direct involvement in our government routine rather than exceptional.