- taking back control of our government

“If people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust Congress and don't trust federal judges to make sure we're abiding by the Constitution, then we're[1] going to have some problems here,” Obama said.

the problem:

We[2] can no longer trust the executive branch, congress, or federal judges to abide by our constitution.

a solution:

Denounce early and often the illegitimacy of what the US Government has become. It does not honor the limits set out for it in our constitution : it is illegitimate.

The rubber meets the road in the persons of our 435 representatives, our 100 senators, our 9 supreme court justices, and our president and vice president.

All are ... compromised, is the polite term ... so all must go.

We must cut all connections to the existing political class and repopulate our representative government with choices made from among ourselves, ordinary Americans : we must choose 546 fresh faces of integrity to replace the perfidious 546 we have now. That's not nearly enough to govern a continent and 300 million people so, once we have retaken our government we must make provision for all of our participation in our government, as required.

how to proceed:

There are some 175 thousand voting precincts in the USA, each comprised of one or two thousand constituents. This seems the 'natural' scale at which to organize to repopulate our representative government and to restructure our government itself as required.

In fact our organization will be de facto the definition of our government's restructure.

As far as elections go our 2-party, single-ballot system has been shown to be optimized for exactly the dysfunctional state in which we find ourselves.

We suggest an alternative, open, poll-till-majority election method. We must simply effect it and choose our representative government, then use our representative government to enact our method as law.

But how can we use a new, 'unofficial' method of election to choose our representative government?

Start now and 'just do it'. Hold our own polls before the 'official' polls in November, and then vote our polls' results in the 'official', November election.

Since we have never held our own polls before, we need to practise. We need to hold elections now, in preparation for our first effective polls in November, 2016.

The proposal for open, poll to majority elections requires serial polls, possibly of months' long duration, with polls taken and tallied weekly until a majority vote has selected a winner in each constituency.

There were 8 weekly polling opportunities between the November 2012 election and January 2013 ... let's plan on at most 8 polls to majority, ending the week before the 'official' election day in November : the last Sunday in October. Let's organize this month and start our practice polls this month. That's easy to mark on our calendars and will give us at least eight polling opportunities to reach agreement on our candidates in every one of our 175 thousand precincts and 435 congressional districts.

The year 2016 will be the year we learn how to do it, and in November 2016 we will repeat the process we will have discovered, and 2016 will be the year we use the results of our real, democratic poll on the 'official' election day to replace the occupant of the White House, the entire House of Representatives and the first third of the Senate with ordinary people who will work in all of our interest and not against it.

Then we can institute recall, referendum, and initiative at the federal level and replace the Supreme Court as well.

Then we will be more firmly in control of our government than ever before : we will have instituted our own direct, democratic control of our government as required.

Sever the connection between money and the political class and we'll be in good shape for some years to come.

So, let us suit actions to words and just do what needs to be done.


We all have plenty of ideological beliefs of our own, but we'd like to keep the appeal for democracy independent of ideology - other than pure democratic ideology - in order to make the appeal not just palatable, but attractive, to all Americans.

Because it is going to take all of us working together, no matter the various ideologies that inform our votes, to ensure our votes are meaningful and thus to secure our small 'd', democratic government.


[1]546 ÷ 321,400,000 (2015)[3] = .000001698817, or .00017% of Americans.
[2]100% - 0.00017% = 99.99983% of Americans
Not affiliated with any other political party or political campaign
The USpvp is a pragmatic, non-ideological collection of US citizens working together to inaugurate direct democracy in the USA and to restore our representative government
Contact: jfmxl at sdf dot org