Over the past 16 years I have developed and written extensively about the National Initiative for Democracy, proposed American legislation that includes an amendment to the U.S. Constitution and a federal statute. Together, they would empower citizens to make laws by initiative in every government jurisdiction of the United States - in a governing partnership between citizens and their elected legislators in representative government.

Although the proposed electoral process that would bring about the enactment of the National Initiative as the law of the land entirely circumvents the government, it would be legal under the American Constitution. A similar process could be employed and be legal in any country that considers itself a democracy - if it also acknowledges the sovereignty of its citizens.

New scholarship underscores the role that protecting the institution of slavery played developing the flawed structural design of America’s representative government. It resulted in disenfranchising the legislative sovereignty of American citizens. Representative governments around the world - other than Switzerland - also have flawed structures of governance that limit citizen sovereignty.

Accompanying this paper is the text of the Democracy Amendment and the Democracy Act, plus Notable Quotes from America’s Founding Fathers articulating their views that all future generations of Americans should be able to make laws (an opinion valid for all human beings).

The Democracy Foundation is the American educational foundation sponsoring the National Initiative. It hopes to aggregate the resources necessary to bring about the enactment of the National Initiative. Politically, the National Initiative may seem “out-of-the-box,“ however, none of this work is original. We build on the work of those who came before us: from ancient times; from the Asian, Arab and Western cultures; from the Age of Enlightenment; from the revolutionary experiences of the Americas; and from the Swiss watershed breakthrough, a model emulated by states in the western U.S. It now remains for us to advance human governance to the next paradigm level - a governing partnership of the people as lawmakers with their elected legislators at all levels of government. Further information on this subject can be found at or