USA/Killed By Police : 2 May 2013 - 2 April 2015


There are no definitive statistics on people killed by police in the USA. It's another 'national security' secret, apparently. Glen Ford says 111 people were killed by police in the USA over the course of March 2015. I saw an article at claiming 'over a hundred' people over the same month. There was a link at telesur to, which listed the names of 115 individuals killed over the same period, together with the 'race' of about 70% of the victims.

I downloaded KBP's data, put it into a database together with demographic data on the 50 states and DC, and then queried for particulars. The tables above shows the result for 'White' and 'Black' people killed by police. Over the period from 2 May 2013 to 2 April 2015, KBP reports 2,137 people killed by the police in the USA, with races assigned to the victims in 72% of the killings.

'Expected police kill' does not mean that I expect police to kill people, rather it represents the statewise size of its portion of the 2,137 reported police killings given its population and the relative size of its 'White' and 'Black' populations, with 'deservedness' of being killed by police assumed equal between the two populations.

The 'Actual police kills' shows that assumption to be false. The point need not be made that relative 'deservedness' of being killed is in the eyes of the beholder.

If we assume the same trends of the unreported killings as for those reported, the charts above would be unaffected.

If more of those killed among the 28% whose 'race' was not given were 'White' or 'Black' than among the 72% whose 'race' was given, then the graphs would differ accordingly.