I do not like thee, vile Googèle,
The reason why - I can now* tell;
Oh, this I know, and know full well,
I do not like thee, vile Googèle.

* Google’s new advertising program tracks offline shoppers, violates privacy

Google has been experimenting with in-store sales measurement since 2014 and has licensed credit card transaction data to match mobile users with store visitation and sales.

Today the company also said it’s expanding availability of in-store sales measurement. There are two approaches:

  • A basic level that matches ad-exposed smartphone users with in-store sales data. There’s no technology or back-end integration required for marketers.
  • A more involved scenario requires marketers to upload their lists and transaction data, which is then hash-matched on the back end with mobile users. This allows much deeper insight into product sales and other questions, rather than just aggregate sales.

The bottom line is that most search, display and video ads will ultimately show offline visits and sales impact

MotD - 4 August 2017

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