If the ideas in this pamphlet appeal to you and you wish to help implement Autonarchy here is what you can do.

  1. Find other people interested in these ideas and discuss the ideas together.

  2. Think Globally, act locally.

    Set up your own local Committee for DirectDemocracy (CDD).
    Locality can be geographic, occupational, or electronic (via Internet), whichever.
  3. Your committee should meet regularly, finance itself, discuss any issue it likes, suggest autonarchic solutions to actual problems, and implement them.

  4. Publicize your ideas in every way possible, in print, on radio or TV , on the Internet, in oral discussions with friends, workmates, pupils, students, etc.

  5. Be self-reliant but establish contact with other CDDs. Help create new CDDs.

  6. When a number of CDDs emerge call for a local, regional, national, or international, conference, to coordinate activities, to learn from each other’s experience, and to assist autonarchists and CDDs who need help.

    All CDDs should work to create a WORLD AUTONARCHIC MOVEMENT.
  7. An Autonarchic Movement must not be organized like traditional Parties.

    It must not have an Executive Committee which makes decisions on behalf of others. It should have a coordinating committee to facilitate coordination between CDDs and to exchange ideas between CDDs but, every CDD is free to accept or reject proposals of a Coordinating Committee.

    Proposals of a Coordinating Committee are welcome but not binding.

    Never lose sight of the basic Autonarchic priority principle:

    ‘Needs of the many must be attended before needs of the few’.
    Don’t be self-centred. Do not allow local needs dominate global ones.
  8. An Autonarchic organization has no leadership, either personal or communal.

    It is an embryonic forerunner of the political system it strives to create.

    Political systems are like their creators. Means shape ends in their image.

    Relations between members of a DD movement should be like those they wish to see between members of an autonarchic society. So too should be the way every CDD, and the movement, function.

  9. There is no need to wait until Autonarchy is implemented everywhere.

    In small domains Autonarchy can be implemented without magnetic cards.

    If it is possible to implement Autonarchy locally, in a firm, a school, a village, town, or borough, DO IT. Be prepared for stiff resistance.

    Experience gained from such cases will be of use to other CDDs.

  10. Keep your sense of humour. Grim politics produce grim results.

    Don’t just criticize, suggest autonarchic solutions to social and political problems.

    Activate your creativity but keep your feet on the ground.

    Do not be deterred by those saying your proposals will not work.

    Great authorities insisted people will never be able to fly through the air, land on the moon, utilise atomic energy, cure infertilty, change hereditary traits, etc.

    All were proved wrong. In politics ‘impossible’ is often a substitute for ‘undesirable’.

    Check out if those saying Autonarchy is impossible desire it.