1. Consolidate the forces of workers, peasants, petty bourgeoisie, national capitalists of all nationalities, as well as all patriotic and democratic-loving political parties, organizations, and people. Expand the people’s war, eradicate U.S. imperialist influence, topple the reactionary, fascist, and traitorous regime. Set up a People’s Government composed of representatives of the entire revolutionary forces. Build up an independent, democratic and prosperous new Thailand.

  2. Abrogate all anti-popular laws, announcements, orders, rules, and regulations. Release all the patriotic and democratic-loving detainees. Grant the people freedom of speech, writing, printing and publication, assembly, demonstrations, strike actions, freedom of religion, and the setting up of associations and political parties. The people must be entitled to vote and stand for election at the age at 18.

  3. Confiscate the assets of the U.S. imperialists, the atrocious traitorous reactionaries, and the hooligan landlords, and appropriate them for the benefit of the people and the country, and bring to justice the counter-revolutionaries and reactionaries who have perpetrated crimes against the nation and the people in accordance with their wrong-doings. Those who have perpetrated crimes and come to repent and correct their misdeeds will be shown leniency.

  4. Carry into effect the foreign policy of independence and sovereignty; revoke all traitorous and unjust treaties, conventions and agreements: oppose imperialism, especially the hegemonlsm of the two superpowers; establish friendly relations with all countries on the basis of equality, respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, facilitate mutual benefits, unite and cooperate with, support and assist the just struggle of all oppressed peoples and nations throughout the world.

  5. The people of various nationalities in Thailand shall enjoy equal rights, should respect, support, and assist each other, shall be entitled to use their own languages and scripts and preserve their fine traditions, customs, and culture, oppose any discrimination against and oppression of all nationalities. In nationality regions, autonomous administration will be accorded under the big family of Thailand. Economic, educational, and public health development must be implemented thoroughly and universally.

- 41 -

  1. Abolish the oppressive system of feudalism; carry out agrarian revolution with differences in treatment on a stage-by-stage basis in accordance with the condition in each locality, allow all peasants and planters to possess their own land, oppose all usurers, annul all unjust debts and loan contracts, develop agricultural production, and improve the livelihood of all agriculturalists.

  2. Safeguard national resources; develop the industry, commerce and other enterprises of the state; protect the industry and commerce of national capitalists; and assist manufacturing and trading beneficial to the people.

  3. Guarantee employment, wages and welfare of workers and office employees. Equal wages will be paid to all persons for the same work with equal production, irrespective of sex, age and nationality.

  4. Women and men are entitled to enjoy equal rights in political, economic, cultural, educational, and working opportunities. Enhance the role of women in carrying out the revolution and production: guarantee the welfare of women and children.

    Education and employment of youth will be ensured: youth will be encouraged to love their nation, democracy, people, and manual labor, and dare to sacrifice for the common good, participate energetically in the revolution and the building of a new society.

    Relief and welfare will be provided for disabled revolutionary soldiers and persons, the families of those persons who have sacrificed their lives for the revolution, and the families of revolutionary soldiers.

  5. Make a clean sweep of the culture and education of the imperialists and feudalists: promote the revolutionary culture and education which is national, democratic and scientific in its character, critically carry on the culture of the Thai nation and critically adopt foreign culture; and thoroughly and universally expand medical and health work, specifically in the rural areas.

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