On the q&a with Dao Din

One group, composed of career, minority politicians, gathers together to support the illegitimate coup government, to encourage it to keep the reins of absolute power tightly in its hands until it has so hobbled the structure of elected government that it has permanently empowered the unelected bureaucracy, ensuring that these same career minority politicians, and if need be the military, retain power forever in Thailand.

A second group, composed of students actively supporting ordinary Thais, gathers together in support of an elected government, to encourage other ordinary Thais to come forward in support of elected government and together peacefully to wrest the reins of power from the illegitimate coup government, ensuring that the Thai people regain power in Thailand, and that they remain forever watchful lest the 'elite' career politicians and their military frontmen ever again attempt to seize power in Thailand.

The first group is applauded by the present dictator, who proclaims the leader of the career, minority politicians to be his friend; the second group are imprisoned, and still remain charged with sedition and other 'crimes'.

The seditious group in Thailand is clearly the group who have smashed and grabbed power, and their supporters, both before and after the fact :

Thai Penal Code


Section 113 Whoever, commits an act of violence or threatens to commit an act of violence in order to:

  1. Overthrow or change the Constitution;
  2. Overthrow the legislative power, the executive power or the judicial power of the Constitution, or nullify such power; or
  3. Separate the Kingdom or seize the power of administration in any part of the Kingdom, is said to commit insurrection, and shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life.
  1. General Prayuth and his junta overthrew the Thai constitution.
  2. General Prayuth overthrew the legislative power, the executive power, and the judicial power of the Constitution, and nullified such power, and
  3. General Prayuth seized the power of administration in every and all parts of the Kingdom : he and his junta have committed insurrection and so have earned imprisonment for life.

All Thais ought to be thankful that the Dao Din group and the group in Bangkok have stood up and pointed out that 'the emperor' is himself unclothed, and ought not to be intimidating the Dao Din and BKK groups and their families.