Fracking Connected to Italian Earthquakes?

HAIKU, Maui, May 26 [2012] - Our Italian Steward Kia has just shared with me some observations and articles about the connection between fracking and the recent earthquakes in Northern Italy. My response to her follows in green, along with the maps that support that theory.

Hi Bob ... today I was having lunch at my granny's and I watched the TV since a long time. In the news they were collecting strange reactions from the people who suffered the earthquake 1 week ago (and they are still experiencing new small shakings which may worse the situation: almost nobody is sleeping at home, the dangerous building are collapsing still now from time to time, for the new shakings). The one which really interested me was that they reported

“mud and sand coming out the street and the ground” ...

so I wanted to look for more news and this article caught my attention (unfortunately it's in Italian, but I hope that with Google translate you can understand something). [1] I found also this interesting article (in English) where the writer says:

“Oddly, this shallow earthquake struck an area in which earthquakes are less common than most of the rest of the country. It will be interesting to see whether man might have perturbed the Earth, possibly triggering this event.” ... [2]

so you can investigate better on this issue, if you want.

Basically, the Italian article says that some time ago some politicians commented

“we are making some holes in the ground just to earn more and produce more energy”.

They connected this with the fact that some American companies brought in that region a lot of stuff and machineries, so many things that someone talked even about that HAARP stuff. The interesting thing in this article that I linked, is that they wonder if we accepted to use “fracking” as a way of getting energy, so that our politicians literally SOLD OUR LAND to look for more money (in particular they say that our politicians formed an agreement with some Texan company, but this is told without any reference, so I cannot say if it's trustable or not).

If this thing comes out to be true, we could have another (sad) chapter of your “Gaia speaks messages”: she simply reacted to a violent activity like fracking in lands where it's not possible to perform it without having hydro-geological reactions. And we HAD a reaction ... people living there thought that the region was the safest from earthquakes and whatever from tectonic activity ... it WAS ... in fact, I found some attempts to explain why an earthquake occurred there, but still no explanation is convincing. In the meanwhile, people can't go home (the ones who still have a home) and ask, very pissed, to scientists and whoever can explain this, why the water level rose up right before the earthquake and why water, mud and sand are coming out from the fractures in the ground now, why the terrain seems like liquid, they say it's like melting down, something that I already saw in some videos after the big one in Japan.

I don't know if an irresponsible (and untold) fracking is amongst the causes of the earthquake, but I think it should be a very important lesson learned (moreover it cost lives, so we should definitely account it).

Maybe it was just a “normal” release of energy, but if it was “helped” by our own hands ... then it changes a bit.


I did not know that fracking was being done in Italy. But based on this map (at left), that appears to be true.

The fracking activity is evidently especially concentrated in the general area of the 5-20-12 major quake, which I have marked on all above maps. So it is quite logical to connect it with the earthquakes that have just taken place.

One other point is worth making that supports this fracking-seismic theory. I have read in one of these Italian articles you referenced (as well as others I originally read on 5-20 in global media) that earthquakes in this area are extremely rare. I am not a geologist, but based on what we have seen this year alone, I beg to differ with such “experts.”

At right, for example, is a map from “Gaia Speaks” Message #4 (1/28/12). In that story I noted two pretty strong (5.2) earthquakes in that shook same general area in late January. At the time, I was not aware of any fracking going on there. But Gaia-Pachamama was. And so she reacted back then the same way as she did on 5-20.

Kia, since you are both an enlightened earth being and a Steward the Earth, this should give you some ammo to start spreading the awareness of the cause-consequence effects of inappropriate human behavior among your countrymen. You can do that energetically, through prayer and meditation, not just through physical activities. Teach them what happens when a country allows corporate greed to override its human and environmental interests. The U.S. is the world' biggest offender in that respect. I bet you dollars to donuts that the companies doing the fracking in Italy are either directly or indirectly related to some American multinationals. That's why the whole world should follow Vermont's example and ban the fracking. Such a move will save lives, as we have just seen.

I will also join you in this regard during my meditations and manifestations. I invite all others in our SOE family who feel so inclined to do the same. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. ...