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The Weaponization of Ebola

World Television Services 28 October 2014

Francis Boyle - University of Illinois College of Law


Is the strain of Ebola that we're seeing today in Africa and in the United States actually a 'weaponized' version of the virus?

Well, our guest today Professor Francis Boyle, from the University of Illinois College of Law, believes so. He drafted the US Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989 [1], which is the US domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention [2]. His books include Biowarfare and Terrorism [3], and he's here today to tell us a little bit about the new strain of Ebola he believes is weaponized.

Professor, welcome to the program.

Francis Boyle:

Well, thank you very much for having me. Give all my best to your home audience.



Professor, with another case of Ebola showing up in New York and many health workers saying that they are not prepared, nor have the necessary protective equipment, there are some who are saying that there are probably more actual cases of Ebola in the United States that we just don't know about.

What is your opinion about the true Ebola threat here in the United States?

Francis Boyle:

Well, I think it's a lot more serious than they're letting on.

And the reason being is that the CDC is saying it's a 21-day quarantine rate, while the WHO says no, that figure is incorrect, as far as we're concerned it should be twice that : 42 days. And that only includes 98% of the people, so if you do a little calculation were talking about more than 50 days of quarantine before anyone can be given an all clear here.

Second, we know for a fact that what worked in Nigeria, so far, was that everyone was 'traced out', whereas down in Texas - so far everyone's being traced - but unfortunately the Dallas 43 were released after only 21 days - and then the 4,000 people on that Ebola cruise were let go without being traced [4] - on the CDC guidelines.

The CDC guidelines are completely worthless and dangerous. That's pretty clear today in New York, where they were saying ... well the CDC guidelines were based on the MSF [Médecins Sans Frontières] guidelines - and those are no good either, as we saw with the doctor in New York. He worked with MSF, they had a 21-day guideline quarantine, and he brought Ebola to New York.

So the guidelines that are being applied by the CDS [CDC?] - in my opinion - are worthless and dangerous and I'm afraid that we will be seeing more Ebola outbreaks here in America.

Look, its already been reported that the Department of Infectious Diseases, the National Institute of Health have a computer program on the spread of Ebola. So they know everything that is going to happen in West Africa, here in the United States, Spain, and in Europe. We now have the index case in Dallas, we have an index case in New York for sure, we have an index case for Spain. So all they have to do is pump this new information in there and they know what's going to happen. But I dont think you can believe anything the CDC is saying, you know, it's all propaganda lies and disinformation.



So, President Obama appoints an 'Ebola Tsar'. And we have a Surgeon General. I remember when I was a young boy we used to see him all the time on television - C. Everett Koop - and now of course the CDC director, Tom Frieden, he was making all the public statements - so why the need to appoint an Ebola Tsar and where is the Surgeon General?

Francis Boyle:

Sure. Well, the Ebola Tsar, Ron Klain [5] - he was after me at Harvard Law School, along with Obama - he's just a political fix-it-man and hatchet man for the Democratic Party. His job is to keep this whole disaster under control until after the November 4 elections, when the fate of the Senate is at stake for the Democrats.

Look, they're having a testimony in Congress today, on Ebola, and the House asked Klain to show up - and he refused to show up. And the reason is he didn't want to perjure himself before this House committee, or even lie - if you're not sworn under oath and you tell a lie, its still a crock. So he's not showing up, he's not a doctor, his job is to get Obama past the November 4 election, pretty much like the Benghazi talking points.



Now, we just reported on Mr. Klain's statements - that he feels the number one global concern is actually the overpopulation of Africa - and when we dug into the facts the largest population in the world are actually in Europe - but should we be concerned that his personal beliefs are that there's overpopulation in Africa, when he is tasked with trying to control virus, which is killing people there?

Francis Boyle:

I dont think he's in charge of controlling anything. I think its pretty clear that this Ebola - whatever it is - came out of one or more of the US Biosafety Level 4 laboratories [6] in Africa. In West Africa. There are three of them : one in Guinea - where it [the Ebola outbreak] started, one in Liberia, and one in Sierra Leone.


So, where's the proof to that?

Francis Boyle:

Well, you know, you just have to hit the mainstream newsmedia sources, science sources, whatever - you know, BSL4 labs do every ... I have a book if you wanna read it, Biowarfare and Terrorism (2006) ... BSL4 labs do every type of hideous biowarfare work you can possible imagine, including on Ebola. And its all dual-use, offensive and defensive.



So, you believe that this strain that is actually ravaging Africa now and is on its way to the United States is actually a weaponized strain?

Francis Boyle:

Well, I can't say it has necessarily been weaponized, but I believe it comes out of those three laboratories ... one or more of them ... where this started.

In today's New York Times you will see the Galveston, University of Texas there, a long time US biowarfare center, has produced a vaccine, agent, for Ebola and some type of animal mouth disease by means of gentic engineering. [7]

Likewise, we know that the National Institute for Health has produced a similar GMO agent involving the cold virus and what appears to be enhanced Ebola. And all that work is dual use.

What happens here, they will say were doing it for defense ...


I'm going to backtrack here for one second ... you said a hybrid strain of ... a genetically modified strain of ... Ebola that has been crossbred with the cold virus? Is that what you said they are working on?

Francis Boyle:

Yes. That's the case. Yes. National Institute of Health. Right. They've done it. And they're over there in the BSL4 Committee lab in Kenema [Sierra Leone], right.

And then you have Galveston [8] down there with what looks like enhanced Ebola and some type of animal foot and mouth disease. And they've been GMO'd together as well.

So, the way this works is these biowarriors will say there might be some type of emerging disease out there that we need to investigate, and protect the American people against. See, I've read these contracts. And so what we have to do is, first : create the emerging disease ourselves. Usually by GMO ... genetically modified organisms ... combining some well-known biowarfae agent with some other delivery device.

And then, once we have the agent, of course we'll develop the vaccine on the basis of the agent.

Well, thats what a biowarfare weapon is all about. You have the offensive agent, the defensive vaccine, and you put the two of them together and you have a weapon. And the reason you need both is that you would not launch biowarfare unless you had a safe, effective vaccine for your leadership elite. That's one of the fundamental principles of biological warfare.

So we've been doing this type of research from way back in 1976 when Ebola was first found over there in Congo/Zaire. The WHO ordered it shipped to Porton Down [9], which is the British Fort Detrick [10], and they sent it, then, to the Center for Disease Control.

I have an official government document that [says that] the Center for Disease Control has been involved in biological warfare progams for the Pentagon over in Sierra Leone as early as 1988. And it had to have been sometime before that in order to build the lab. So my guess here is that originally Ebola gets shipped to Porton Down, its weaponized, they ship it off to CDC, it gets weaponized. And then somehow it finds its way back there in West Africa. The CDC are not the 'good guys' here.

In addition to that, we know that the Reagan administration, the neo-cons in the Reagan administration, ordered CDC - an American type culture collection - to ship forty shipments of weapons specific biological agents that they had in their inventory to Saddam Hussein in Iraq to be weaponized and used against Iran. And some of those agents then were involved in the blowback against our own troops as later producing the Gulf War Syndrome.

You can find all the citations for that in my book, Biowarfare and Terrorism.



So, what do you make of the 4,000 troops, now, that have been sent to Africa, to the area that's being hardest hit by Ebola.

Why do believe the US has dispatched so many troops? Especially when they have no real medical training?

Francis Boyle:

No, none at all. The 101st Airborne and the Marines. These are the elite killers, they have no training to provide any medical assistance to anyone. The Bush Jr administrstion set up the Africa Command, AFRICOM. And its had no headquarters so far but Stuttgart, Germany. Liberia offered to put the headquarters for AFRICOM [there], so what we are seeing here today is the 101st Airborne and the Marines being sent over there to establish the outpost for AFRICOM in Africa.

We know that they've already moved the headquarters of the 101st airborne - 500 people - over there. So I think this is just the beginning. The British are doing now the same in Sierra Leone, I saw they're moving in 4.000 troops, the French already have troops in Mali, that they invaded two years ago - ah, well, a year and a half - and that was staged from Senegal. And their former colonial power is Guinea, the Brits' Sierra Leone, ours Liberia.

So I think it's very clear these three Western imperial/colonial powers are moving back into Africa. In our case for the first time with substantial military forces, to control and dominate the enormous natural resources that the West Coast of Africa has, including offshore oil and gas, that's already been reported to be among the top sources in the world. They have Bauxite in Guinea, diamonds in Sierra Leone, the rubber plantations in Liberia ... you name it they have everything over there. So I think that's what's behind this invasion.

Look, the 101st Airborne ... these are the guys who dropped behind the front lines at Normandy. They invade. The Marines. My dad was in the Marine Corps in World War two. He invaded Saipan [, ?] and Okinawa. They just kill everything in sight till they've accomplished their objective.



Professor, we're almost out of time, I have one more question for you before you go.

It seems that President Obama is more reacting to Ebola here in the United States, we're not seeing a lot of action as far as what's being done at airports or as far as flights coming in from the infected parts of the world. Why do you suppose that is?

Francis Boyle:

I think Obama knows everything that is going on here, they have that DoD/NIH computer program, he knows what's going on. Obama was after me at Harvard Law School, Klain, was after me at Harvard Law School, his whole White House there are Harvard Law School Mafia. These people are very bright, very intelligent, very sophisticated, and incredibly devious. So they know exactly what's going on.

Everyone coming into the country from West Africa should have been DNB - Do Not Board. Very simple. We have all their flight intineraries there in the Department of Homeland Security computers. We should have stopped anyone coming in here until they went through at least a 50-day guarantine.



So how come we haven't? What's taking the president so long to initiate any action?

Francis Boyle:

I guess you'd have to ask Obama why he's doing this, why he's letting Ebola into the country?

And what is the real agenda here?

I guess you can draw whatever conclusions you want on that, but the only conclusion I can draw is that he's not concerned about the spread of Ebola here in the United States because he's done nothing effective to stop it.


All right Professor. We do have to go. And maybe we'll get President Obama on the program to answer that question.

Francis Boyle:

Well, give him my best regards. We're both from the Southside of Chicago, and lived in Hyde Park, and went to Harvard Law School. And at the University of Chicago. Right.


All right professor. Thanks for joining us today.


[7]Donald G McNer, Jr., 17 October 2014, "White House to Cut Fundihng for Risky Biological Study", New York Times,