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24 dec We are all populists now
11 dec Political fortunes divined by the stars
26 nov A new cold war underway in Thailand
12 nov The culture of the cultural bureaucracy
29 oct Storming the elections
15 oct The power of love
1 oct [not published]
17 sep The roots of the language panic
3 sep Following the political money
20 aug The dilemma of the Thai middle class
6 aug Fixing the general election
24 jul Risks on the road to managed democracy
9 jul A state at war with its people
25 jun Election politics from the bottom up
12 jun Ten years after the 1997 crisis
28 may Mobile phones: a drama in three acts
14 may Thailand's lost decade
30 apr From People's Charter to Judges' Charter
16 apr Inconvenient truths of censorship
2 apr Defining balance in Thai academic studies
19 mar Thailand's water management in a haze
5 mar A searing indictment of the coup
19 feb A prophet on Thailand's political future
5 feb The story of the story of King Naresuan
22 jan Dreams of national unity are just that
8 jan The parallels between 1976 and 2006

Articles originally appeared in The Nation (Bangkok). Versions here are as edited by the paper. Some headlines are different. But other changes are minor. Email: