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25 dec Asian regionalism in a high wind
12 dec A coup against the 1997 constitution
27 nov Giving up on democracy in Thailand
13 nov Bringing the Thaksin regime to account
31 oct What does Sufficiency Economy mean? (II)
30 oct What does Sufficiency Economy mean?
16 oct The narrow road to a new constitution
2 oct The persistent myth of the 'good' coup
18 sep The pros and cons of big retail
4 sep A guide to what happens next in Thai politics
21 aug Swinging the next general election
7 aug Can the Democrats learn from past mistakes?
24 jul Two stories on the origins of Thai democracy
10 jul Suvarnabhumi separatist threat
26 jun Plan holiday or plan revolution?
12 jun What chance of reconciliation in the South?
29 may Open and shut media policy
15 may Who pays for politics?
29 apr Here come the judges
17 apr Such a strange election
3 apr Democracy wars
20 mar Moving beyond the business of politics
6 mar Thaksin's persona blown away by Shin sale
20 feb The death of Thaksinomics
11 feb Ten easy steps to selling the country
23 jan The At Samat model is the feudal solution to poverty
9 jan King and Constitution

Articles originally appeared in The Nation (Bangkok). Version here are as originally written, without any editing by the paper. Some headlines are different. But other changes are minor. Email: