Open Election Amendment - notes

(Amendment 28)


The structure under 1,2,3,4,5,6 is as specified by Mike Gravel in his Ni4d. In fact all of amendments proposed here as ordinal '28' follow Mike's spec. and are homage to that great democrat.


This is nominally version 1.0. I've made changes of the "dot the i's and cross the t's" variety. I ought to make a clean version 2.0 of all three, but I need to make a git, say, repository and commit what's here first.


Two proposals are put forward here:
  1. let's break the, literal, stranglehold that the 2-faced, mobbed-up system - the duopoly - has on who we can vote for, and
  2. let's get rid of the structural system - single-election, winner-take-all - that enabled it


I can only put my own name here now, without others' permission. I would be delighted to add your name to the sponsors' list. Drop me an email and authorize me to do so.


So how come this amendment? I tried to make that clear. Always happy to have help/alternatives with any part of any proposed amendment.


Section 1.

Who can vote. The phrase "and shall elect" is meant to eliminate the possibility of a president, for instance, being "elected" with less than a majority of the votes cast. Note that the Electoral College is effectively made irrelevant and redundant by this provision. In fact it is now explicitly done away with. The phrase, 'and no such citizen shall be denied his or her right to vote for any reason', was added to eliminate disenfranchisement ... especially of black, male americans as a side 'benefit' of the prison-industrial complex, for instance.

Section 2.

The idea here is to eliminate any barriers to candidates, especially to lesser-known "write-ins".

Section 3.

The idea here is to require all ballots in all elections to provide only a place to write-in the name of the person to receive the vote for office in question, together with a requirement for simultaneous "registration" of voters. NO "party lines", or candidates "pre-chosen" by party or other means.

Section 4.

The idea here is to give people the time to reflect on their vote and to execute their ballots correctly. The organization and procedure will remain identical subject to the physical limitations of the media used to execute the vote.

Section 5.

With every constituent of an office a potential candidate it is unlikely that elections will be decided by a single poll. With the influence of political parties pruned back, this ammounts to rolling the so-called 'primary' and 'general' elections into one continuous process, distributed to and run by us voters ourselves.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at jfmxl at sdf dot org []