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Whenever a subset of the people rise up and rule all of society, society works for their benefit exclusively, and the ill-effects of their rule are discounted, willfully become invisible to its rulers, and so are allowed to accumulate indefinitely.

The 'success' of our human race - the result of our rule by successive subsets of ourselves - has now accumulated to the point that we now threaten 'life as we know it' here on planet earth.

For the subset in power now rules - via technology, its 'art' - not only the human population of our planet but also 'rules' - disrupts - the planet-scale processes of life itself.

But the only possible solution to the problems bequeathed to us also lies in the hands of all us, for the subset of the people who continue to benefit from 'the way things are' are willfully incapable even of appreciating the damage they have done, are doing, and plan to continue to do not only to the rest of us but to the planet and to life itself.

We the people precede, by tens or hundreds of thousands of years, the organizational structures that have arisen amongst us during the last few hundred, and that now threaten our continued existence, threaten all our childrens' chances of leading 'life as we know it'.

Decisions taken by a majority of the people at large obviously outweigh the decisions taken by a small group of 'elite' rulers.

What we must do is organize among ourselves, at the scale of people who actually know one another, in our neighborhoods and precincts, to structure a government as seems to us most likely to effect our Safety and Happiness. To rule ourselves always by the will of the majority, not by that of any minority. And then to scale up from that base as required to (re)gain control of the states and nation-states we also constitute.

Having been betrayed by 'elites' at every turn in our past history - by the rule of the subset, not by particularly 'bad' people but by those who have made themselves slaves of the status quo - we must make explicit within the papers that (re)constitute our basic legal structures our right and responsibility to (re)take power into our own hands whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of our unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; for Governments are instituted among (Wo)Men, and, are the creatures and instruments of those governed, and derive their just powers from our consent.

We the people not only predate governments, we are coeval with and will post-date them all as well. And sovereignty is ours. In our majority we will create, modify, or destroy governments as we will.

What is to be done - within the United States of America?

This site is actively advocating for the Open Election amendment :

This Amendment will safeguard each citizen's unalienable write to vote for whomever that voter shall choose to represent her/himself, as long as the person chosen for election is a constituent of the office in question; and further this amendment specifies continuing elections until one among all the candiates who have received votes achieves majority of votes cast.

And this site is actively advocating for the Recall, Referendum, and Initiative amendment :

This Amendment affirms our right to recall governmental officers and/or their appointees; to repeal legislation enacted by our representatives, via referenda; or on our own initiative to propose, perfect, enact and amend public policy, laws, charters, and constitutions within any of the various jurisdictions which we constitute within the United States.

This site is actively advocating for the Campaign Finance amendment :

This Amendment limits those who can contribute to a federal campaign for office to just those who can vote for that office and limits the amount they may contribute.