Write-in Elections

Elections. I think that we all have to run our respective countries, not the sold-out clowns who've tipped the applause meter furthest at the 'final' media conducted clown show.

Right now the ONLY input we have is 'choosing' among well-vetted, safe candidates who will protect the status quo, the interests of the TNCs : in the US, a donkey, an elephant, or a more or less artfully inspired 'protest' candidate ... for an office that should not wield the power that it does, for that power is ours. Our representatives' jobs must merely be to make sure that the decisions we have taken are well-administered.

How to enliven our beaten down, lethargic selves to simply take control of our government ... and how then to follow through and actually do so?

We need a simple action that we can all effect, atomically, that will enforce change when all of us atoms independently take part in its realization. Our taking part in effecting the change will be the very democratic action that is missing, our goal reified, and the change we effect will feedback, strengthening our democracy, latent all along, but incarnated in the result of our simple, atomic, individual actions.

My candidate action is write-in voting. Everytime. Each of us make it our habit. Pay no attention to the 'officials' who claim we've filled in lines that just do not exist on their ballots, who even claim that writing in our choice of a candidate for office is 'illegal'. Just do it. First time, everytime.

Initially, no change : the donkey or elephant will 'win', without a dime's worth of difference between them. The victory for candidates written-in will come when we've managed to write-in more votes than either the donkey or elephant has received. That will be our proof of concept.

We have the power! Any attempt to write-off write-ins by the corporate media, or to thwart us by 'officials' will only advertize our resistance and embolden those who haven't yet been paying attention.

We'll have to organize ourselves to write-in the name of a single candidate more times than the donkeys or elephants check off theirs, and then ... we'll have democratically won an election. One down, 545 to go.

How to do that, then? My suggestion is to hold repeated paper-ballot elections within each constituency, make complete tallies of the results, exercise good communication between constituencies, and then follow through : write-in our winning choices on the 'real' election day. Democracy requires some exertion on our part. That's why it's called democracy.

What to do when our candidates are not seated? My suggestion is to be seated ourselves : general sit-down strikes in each constituency we've won until the people we've elected are.

Once we have captured our representative government we can restructure our government in the large, enfranchising ourselves and 'disenfranchising' any new crop of 'unrepresentatives' and the minority behind them, enabling ourselves in our majority to initiate legislation, to negate their errant legislation by referendum, and to recall any of them at will. We can sever the connection between economic and political power for good.

If we are serious about ruling ourselves, this is the sort of action we must undertake. That's my two bits. Now I'll shut up on elections, not only American ones, certainly on American mob candidates.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 25, 2016 10:50:09 PM | 51